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        Traffic School Resources and Links to Other Valuable Sites

        Automotive Links

        Auto-Buying and Leasing Service
        DriveWise Auto is a Charity Driven Auto-Buying and Leasing Service that can help you with your next vehicle purchase or lease. DriveWise Auto provides services that allow them to help you with any new or used make or model. DriveWise Auto makes the entire process easy and hassle free all while guaranteeing extremely competitive pricing. In addition DriveWise Auto is Charity Driven - a donation is made to a client-chosen charity for every vehicle sold or leased.
        Wouldn't it be nice if there was a website dedicated to helping you find anything and everything related to driving? At DrivingkLinks.com we are doing our best to bring ALL available information about cars and driving to one easy to use location. Whether you're a new driver or a driving pro you'll find valuable driving resources here.

        Environmentally Friendly Links

        Great starting point for hybrid vehicle research and other hybrid car news and resources.


        This is a great place to buy auto insurance online and to learn about all the different coverage options.
        Quality explanations online of insurance types as well as car insurance definitions and helpful ways for you to save money on auto insurance premiums.

        Other Links / Miscellaneous

        Self-help products for those who suffer with stress or anxiety as well as phobias and panic attacks and excessive worry.

        Traffic Safety

        Drivers Ed Direct - Online Drivers Ed & Drivers Training
        Offering drivers training and online drivers ed courses in California. Try out this Los Angeles driving school that offers driving lessons in new hybrid vehicles.
        Driving Laws
        DUI Teen Cell Phone and Text Messaging Driving Laws in the United States
        National Association of Fleet Administrators
        Promoting the highest levels of professional management safety and responsible motor fleet operations through quality educational endeavors sharing of fleet expertise government and industry relations and a broad range of services for its members.